rt a66u

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  1. O

    WAN - Virtual Server / Port Forwarding simply is not working

    Asuswrt-Merlin Firmware: 380.66_6 Asus RT-AC66u When I go to the "WAN - Virtual Server / Port Forwarding" page on the admin console, input my settings and click the "apply" button nothing ever saves. Even if I choose one of the preconfig options for example "Telnet" none of the...
  2. M

    RT-AC66U upgrade?

    Hi, At the moment I have an Asus RT-AC66U. It has been OK, but I'm thinking it might be getting close to upgrade time. For a few reasons. - we have a lot of devices now. The admin section shows 30 something connected devices. 3 smart TVS, 2 Firesticks, 3 computers, 2 tablets, 4 phones, 5...
  3. J

    Greenhorn - hard wire Airport Express to Asus RP-N12?

    Preface: GREEENHORN/NEWBIE - I recently moved my main router an Asus RT A66U to my office above my garage from inside my house, about 100', and am now extending/repeating my WIFI back to the house with an Asus PR-N12 for wireless. All good and working fine. I run iTunes over my home stereo...