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  1. SJMarty

    RT-AC66R - Why Unsupported?

    I have two RT-AC66R routers. One functions as my main router and the other is an access point. The label on both boxes lists H/W Ver.: A1 and manufactured in 2014. The web site indicates that the RT-AC66R is no longer supported. I see a lot of threads posted here from users of this router...
  2. ShaXdow5

    ASUS RT-AC66U/R HTTPS Issue FW: 380.68_4 = *RESOLVED AS OF 11/16/17*

    Hello, I'm new to this forum :D So I have the Asus RT-AC66R and when I attempt to use HTTPS as the authentication method the UI becomes completely and utterly unusable. Also the admin page will only load in google chrome (even in chrome it will kick you out sometimes and the only way I've been...
  3. Claytron5000

    DNS issue, is the problem with the router RT-AC66R?

    I have a RT-AC66R that I purchased a while ago, it's been great. It's been through a few power outages, and in the past I've had to do factory resets. Now, I'm going to put down a few things that happened, but I honestly can't be sure if the order is correct. Poweroutage Internet slowdown...
  4. SJMarty

    [RT-AC66R] Very Strange Firmware Updating Behavior

    I have two RT-AC66R routers configured as router/AP. They were both running v1.28. Since I was running such an old version, I decided to try out the newer firmwares available (Shibby v1.40, Merlin v380.67_0, and stock ASUS v380.7743). I took the AP down and flashed to Merlin and then stock...
  5. pepemosca

    No Internet when going from one Router to another Access Point

    Hello, I'd tried to look for a solution to my problem... But I'm not able to find it. So, first, sorry if this topic was previously discussed. My setup: ASUS Router RT-AC87U Running Merlin 380.59_0 Set up as Wireless router mode (Default) Wired to the fiber cable from my ISP Screen capture...