rt-ax58u running merlin

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  1. M

    AX58U 5Ghz problem

    [I bought this router from UAE and I use it in Pakistan, fyr] I have an Asus RT-AX58u for my office with separate SSID for 2.4 & 5. The 2.4Ghz SSID works fine on all devices(PC, macbook pro, iPhone, Android etc) but the 5ghz SSID only shows up on one device i.e. my HP Laptop . The Channel is...
  2. D

    Asus RT-AX58U Ignores Asuswrt-Merlin

    The model is RT-AX58U (no V2 or anything). Any suggestions as to where to start looking for the solution, please? Thanks
  3. B

    RT-AX58U- 386.5_2 - Random disconnects both ethernet and wifi

    Hello guys! I've recently purchased an RT-AX58U and installed merlin on it and I'm having weird connection drops ever since. (Both ethernet and Wifi affected) Everytime that this happens the logs are registering this: (No other recent activity besides that messages) Apr 22 18:45:30 kernel...
  4. A

    RT-AX58U Double WAN behavior

    Using RT-AX58U (firware merlin 386.3_2) and at least trying to utilize Dual WAN feature to some extend. Everything seems to be in order main WAN connected and secondary is in Hot Standby, but as soon as i unplug main WAN cable, it loops ISP DHCP issue to disconnect status for main WAN and...
  5. E

    Determine WPA connection type

    Is there a way to reveal the WPA level that devices are connecting with? I was able to connect my notebook running Windows 10 at WPA3, and know that because Windows tells you. But my Iphone/Ipads don't tell you. Oh, and if it's relevant, I'm operating in AP mode only.