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  1. dnajar

    Asus Aimesh and packet loss

    Hi, I bought an ASUS RT-AC88U and my old router ASUS RT-AC86U and I configured Aimesh. Both routers have official Asus firmware. ASUS RT-AC88U (master) ( ( ASUS RT-AC86U (node) ( ( I've noticed sometimes the node...
  2. J

    ASUS RTAC88U Router Setup

    Hey doods, Preface: have just installed Merlin on this and looking to see how I can optimise some things - Does anyone use adaptive QoS? I've set the settings to preamble: short Anyone have any experience using WTFAST for gaming - any good or just a gimmick? Any other particular settings to...
  3. J

    ASUS RTAC88U and Extender Wifi Setup #advice

    Hi Super Smart People - I think this is the right place to post this but correct me if wrong please I have a huge question about my home network set up at my parents house (my house as well). Preface: We are with Telstra and still on Cable - but will be moving to NBN shortly. TLDR: Have an...
  4. T

    Am I truly hiding from ISP?

    I have a two router setup, an rtac88u setup as the main router/VPN server. I have a lyra mesh setup as a vpn client of the main router. Then the ISP rented modem. All devices in the home go through the vpn server, but there are a couple issues. 1. The Lyra always says "IP/routing conflict"...