ASUS RTAC88U Router Setup

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Hey doods,

Preface: have just installed Merlin on this and looking to see how I can optimise some things -
  • Does anyone use adaptive QoS?
  • I've set the settings to preamble: short
  • Anyone have any experience using WTFAST for gaming - any good or just a gimmick?
  • Any other particular settings to look for here
  • Have paired with a netgear ex7000 extender, anyone know of any little tips/tricks to use here - is this silly or should I really be considering buying another ASUS router to mess with AIMesh?
  • What Custom scripts are seriously worth considering for the Asus Router
Heaps of questions - any answers to any of them would be super appreciated. Yes, have looked at the SNB post by LN but its a bit confusing...
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