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  1. V

    Samsung Phone won't detect ASUS RT-AX88U Pro 5ghz Wi-Fi

    Hello, I have bought a ASUS RT-AX88U Pro, I have set it up and disabled 'Smart Connect' feature to ensure that the 5Ghz network was working. To my surprise, none of the Samsung hhones I have home(S23 Ultra, 2 Note 10+) seem to detect the 5ghz network, they only detect the 2.4ghz network. I have...
  2. K

    Samsung Monitor - Error 202

    I'm currently using AT&T Fiber with my gateway in IP Passthrough mode and my RT-AC66U-B1 running asus-merlin 386.7. The asus is providing wifi and all routing for my network. Generally this works great, but my Samsung monitor (LS32BM801UNXGO) is unable to connect to any the Smart Hub features...
  3. elyl

    AX86U and Galaxy S21

    Having some issues with my new AX86U and my Galaxy S21 Ultra phone. The S21 is the only Wifi 6 device on the network. Every other device is working fine, but the S21 will variously report that it is "connected without internet", that it "couldn't authenticate connection", or most often it will...
  4. D

    Any reason not to buy a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S20 + (plus) at launch?

    I'm planning to buy a Galaxy S20+ at launch from Verizon. I usually wait a few months before buying a new device but they're offering great trade-in deals. Any reason not to buy an S20 + at launch? The main question is if waiting a few months to buy the S20 + will mean I get a better device with...
  5. thiggins

    Samsung Announces First Wi-Fi 6 Phone

    If you're looking for a smartphone to go along with your Wi-Fi 6 router, it looks like you'll be able to get one soon from Samsung. The company today announced the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, S10E and S10 5G. All are powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 that handles 4G radio duties. The 5G model uses...
  6. sfx2000

    [news] - Samsung, Plume launch OpenSync(tm) middleware

    OpenSync™ creates the first multi-industry, open service curation, delivery, management and support framework; benefits showcased by an eight-participant interoperability demonstration including Liberty Global, Bell Canada and Comcast at the Broadband World Forum 2018 BERLIN — October 23, 2018...
  7. daviworld

    Firewall URL Filter Possibly Broken?

    Hi all, I was looking into finally getting around to dumbing down my smart TV by cutting off its access to tracking & telemetry domain's. However, around the 37th domain, I could no longer add any more ip's, even though the max is listed as 64. Below are the domain's I used, with little note's...
  8. thiggins

    Samsung Moves Into Crowded Mesh Wi-Fi Market

    Samsung officially announced its Connect Home system that was previewed at the end of March. It is a multi-node Wi-Fi system with built-in SmartThings hub. This makes it the first mesh Wi-Fi system to include a smart home hub with both ZigBee and Z-Wave radios. Connect Home has a 2x2 AC1300...