slow speeds

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  1. D

    ASUS RT-AX82U Slow speeds - Upgraded to a Gig internet and its only reading 150-200 Mbps Up/Down

    I've had my RT-AX82U for a while now and I've noticed when I had my 300 Mbps plan from my ISP speeds were never always near the 300 mark but I never thought anything of it, because it roughly ran 100-150 on good days, but now that I have upgrade my plan with my ISP to a Gigabyte plan, I get a...
  2. macster2075

    Guest Network Slow/Unstable Connection

    I'm using AC86U with latest Merlin 386.3. I notice devices connected to the Guest Network have very choppy and unstable connection, specially wireless cameras. If I use the exact same ssid and password on the General Wireless section, everything works great.. why is that? I disable one of them...
  3. A

    Slow speeds and lag on new Asus 86U

    We recently got 362 down and 36 up fibre broadband with Virgin Media here in the UK. I ran a few speed tests when we first got the broadband modem and the speeds were exactly as advertised as long as you were in the same room as the modem. In my bedroom upstairs though, it would be halved...
  4. dugaduga

    AC66U 1 CPU maxes out at 10mbps DL on single thread, all other connections then drop

    This is a relatively new phenomenon. Just added another router bumping the AC66u to gigabit speeds. If I download anything in a browser or application, it maxes out at 10mbps megabytes that is, then one router core maxes out, I can't open the WebUI or even a simple webpage in a browser. Even...