slow wan

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    Slow ethernet Aimesh, 1gb WAN on RT-AC86U acts as 100mb

    Hello kind people, I am new here, but have found some of the discussions and advice here useful in the past, so thank you for that. However, I am unable to find anything here for the issue my Aimesh is having. My main router is a RT-AX86U (on current stock firmware -...
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    AC68U Stuck with old Wan Speed on Router Mode

    Hello, I have an AC68U currently with Merlin 384.5 (in the last 24h Stock and tomato) with refuses to work with my new internet speed. Today i upgraded from 20M to 50M, and any speed test with the AC68U in Router Mode is stuck at 20M. If I plug in my desktop directly to the ISP Router, it...