Slow ethernet Aimesh, 1gb WAN on RT-AC86U acts as 100mb


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Hello kind people, I am new here, but have found some of the discussions and advice here useful in the past, so thank you for that. However, I am unable to find anything here for the issue my Aimesh is having.
My main router is a RT-AX86U (on current stock firmware - within minutes of posting was released, which I updated to, with no change) and I have repurposed my RT-AC86U (on current stock firmware as an Aimesh node, they are linked via CAT6 cable.

Aimesh reports that the connection is 100mb/sec and iperf confirms this at around 94mb/sec. I have changed cables (these are good quality branded cables), the results are the same.
When I unplug the CAT6 cable from the RT-AC86U's WAN port and plug it direct into the laptop, iperf says the network speed is hitting 931mb/sec.
For some reason, my Aimesh node is drastically cutting my bandwidth in the region of 90%.

I realise that making assumptions without a great deal of knowledge can be dangerous, assumption is that the Aimesh node needs to be removed, reset and re-added - I did that and the results are the same.
Obviously, the WAN port on the RT-AC86U could be defective, not too sure how I would test that, when my internet is a 80mb/sec service, as that is within the 100mb/sec limitation that I am seeing. The reason why I wanted a 1gb WAN port working, is that a 900mb/s cable service is scheduled to be available within my area later this year, so this sort of bottleneck is not welcome.

Network stability and reliability has been great, despite this limitation, WiFi speeds are 71-73mb/s throughout the house (I only get 73mb/s maximum on wired connections direct to the router).

I have rescued from the loft, my RT-AC68U (stockfirmware and put that as a node, which shows as connecting at 1gb/sec speeds, so the RT-AC86U looks like where my focus should lie.
iperf tests, using the same cables, shows the RT-AC68U outputting 895mb/s - 915mb/s as an Aimesh node, compared to the 94mb/s I was getting out of the RT-AC86U.

I have spoken with Asus technical support and as a result, I have re-set all three routers, which did not resolve the issue.
The RT-AC86U has been a very reliable and stable router, so I would like to rescue it and make it a reliable part of my Aimesh, any ideas would be very welcome indeed, thanks in advance.


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