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  1. Z

    Solved SMB2 share does not work (SMB1 does)

    As the title says, I can only get SMB sharing to work if I follow this guide and configure both my router and system (Arch Linux) to use SMB protocol 1. Configuring both to SMB2 causes smbclient -L...
  2. N

    Nvidia Shield TV PLEX Server Slow Access to Asus RT-AC68U USB HDD

    My setup is an NVIDIA Shield TV Pro (2019) running a PLEX server with the media stored on a hard drive plugged into my Asus RT-AC68U (Merlin Firmware 384.17) acting as a NAS. I moved the USB drive from the Shield as it would loose access to the plugged in HDD for some reason. Having it on the...
  3. GoldenOne

    Does asus only support Samba/SMB1? Is it possible to enable SMB2 or higher?

    So I recently bought a GT-AC5300, and so far I love everything about it. BUT, the one thing that im a little annoyed about it the lack of compatibility for network storage. I was hoping to use it as a NAS, with a hard drive plugged in. I've got it set up with FTP and a software called...
  4. T

    Slow and Unresponisve Transfers Using SMB2

    Hello RT-AC68U with FW 382.2_beta3. USB3 EXT3 drive connected. When SMB2 is enabled the transfer speeds going from the router to a Windows 10 system is slow. It starts out strong with a 20 to 30 MBs transfer, but quickly drops below 1 MBs. It will get to the point the transfer fails. This is on...