Nvidia Shield TV PLEX Server Slow Access to Asus RT-AC68U USB HDD

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My setup is an NVIDIA Shield TV Pro (2019) running a PLEX server with the media stored on a hard drive plugged into my Asus RT-AC68U (Merlin Firmware 384.17) acting as a NAS. I moved the USB drive from the Shield as it would loose access to the plugged in HDD for some reason. Having it on the Router seems much more reliable and easier to access over the network from my PC.

My issue was very slow to start movies and shows but once started they were fine to seek through etc. I Googled it and found many saying it was the SMB2 and SMB3 protocol causing this (https://forums.plex.tv/t/slow-playback-start-on-most-movies/531119) so I set my Asus to just SMB1 and voila, it works really quickly now. The details are that the underlying issue with SMB2/3 is the Opportunistic Locking (oplock) in the SMB2/3 protocol it seems. People with Synology NAS drives have an option in their settings to turn this off selectively. I could only drop it to SMB1 on my router to fix it but given the security issues with SMB1, I would like to keep SMB2 and just disable the Opportunistic Locking (oplock). How can I do this and keep it through firmware updates? Note, I have never done anything other than update firmware and change settings the the UI. I don't know how to use the terminal but am willing to learn.

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