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  1. TheMegaMan

    Is my RT-AX86U dying?

    My RT-AX86U seems like it might be dying. I'm on 388.2_2 merlin firmware, with a few scripts added. I've had a few problems recently that may or may not be related. I'll jot them down here... - A week or two ago, I saw error entries in the log for 'command failed', seemingly when trying to...
  2. R

    AX88U high RAM usage, maybe?

    Need some help understanding why htop and the router's panel seem to be telling a different story. I have ample swap with amtm and entware running (1 active package –– conmon) The problem goes away temporarily upon restart but resurfaces after a while. 386.4
  3. Z

    Solved swap corrupted? AX86u

    my swap is not being used at all and is causing mem usage to be 100% trying to do a swapoff gives swapoff -a swapoff: /tmp/mnt/SYSTEM/myswap.swp: Cannot allocate memory and trying to use the amtm utility doesn't seem to do anything it gives this on each run Swap file deleted...
  4. Z

    Entware install script suggestion - swap

    Asuswrt-merlin includes Entware install script in firmware entware-setup.sh Very soon after a couple of additional packages are installed some failed for no reason (log do not express any info). Posts on that forum do not offer any answers to that. :( Accidentally I found a solution :) - swap...
  5. D

    Swap file not mounting?

    I recently setup a swap file on my USB drive (Merlins 384.8_2) and while everything looks okay from the logs: Jan 6 10:43:39 usb: USB vfat fs at /dev/sda mounted on /tmp/mnt/ASUS. Jan 6 10:43:40 custom_script: Running /jffs/scripts/post-mount (args: /tmp/mnt/ASUS ) - max timeout = 120s Jan 6...
  6. amplatfus

    How to test swap partition - Entware

    Hi, I have Entware installed on USB external drive with 2Gb swap file. Until now I never saw this partition used. I see it always like below with 0 used space: root@ac:/tmp/home/root# free total used free shared buffers Mem: 515308 249828...