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    network structure with AX58U, AC86U, AC68U, wireguard, TMobile 280mb/40mb internet, MQTT broker, ad blocker

    I am trying to restructure my network and looking for some advice/experience. Because of having a Tmobile gateway I use wireguard peer to peer for hosting outside my network through a VPS, most of that traffic is music and nextcloud service. LAN has around 30 devices on it, WLAN has around 60...
  2. S

    T-mobile Cellspot (re-branded RT-AC68U) DLNA problems

    Posted this on reddit earlier, but I figured this might be a better place. Tldr; dlna boots off tv after ram usage gets too high. Would Asus-wrt merlin help with this issue? I don't want to potentially brick my router if the new firmware doesn't help. So I was using my cellspot router as a...