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  1. A

    RT-AC3100 Adaptive QoS Broken?

    Can someone with ASUS RT-AC3100 running official firmware confirm that upload queue for Adaptive QoS is broken in stock firmware from 2 versions ago? I already tested the latest version and it seems to be broken. Can you run this code? tc qdisc show | grep direct_p Only need to see the output...
  2. BreakingDad

    Skynet Does countryblock stop trendmicro? please advise

    Can someone confirm if country blocking china would stop trendmicro protection working? I think that's where their servers are based right? Or am I completely wrong. I just keep thinking I am borking trend micro protection with a CN block and would like someone above my monkey IQ to confirm.
  3. P

    Add option by ASUS to categorized web page in Tend Micro

    Hi I postulate to Asus should be add option to user can own categorized web page and this will have high prio than from Trend Micro. And add option to send to Trend Micro option to change categorize web page. Some days ago i have a problem. My wife want open web page . This is...
  4. A

    Trend Micro traffic

    Hi Despite having all the Trend related options turned off, my traffic analyzer still see's access to ntd-asus-2014b-en.fbs20.trendmic. I am not suggesting this is an issue with the Merlin firmware, the latest is working ok for me btw, but more an issue with the Asus firmware. Surely off...