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  1. M

    Simple Trunk on GT-AXE16000 help

    just trying to put one of the 10Gb port in Trunk mode. But it's not passing traffic. Anyone know if the ASUS use Native VLAN? As soon as I set either side Trunk All Vlan it just drops my main VLAN is 1000 and I have bunch of others. the other side is a Brocade VDX 6740 10GB...
  2. D

    VLAN Config Query using pfSense and Unifi

    Hey all, LAN ip addressing is getting close to capacity, so thought best practice to create new networks for Trusted, Guest & IoT. I have set the rules in pfsense that trusted VLAN (phones, laptops, watches, TVs, etc) has access back and forth to default LAN (reserved for static servers, VMs...
  3. O

    Routing from one network to another

    Good afternoon, I apologize if something similar as already been asked but I could not find any posts that answered my question. I'm a grad student working in a lab and have very little networking experience. My professor asked me to take equipment he'd already purchased and make a cluster for...
  4. A

    rt-ac87u trunk connection to Opensense router

    Hi guys, I spent most of today getting my rt87u (AP mode) to connect to my opensense router with two vlans on a single cable. I got it to work so I'm leaving the info here in case it helps anyone. The idea is to use the rt87u guest network as an IOT wifi, and the regular wifi as the home...
  5. H

    IEEE 802.1Q for RT-AC66U_B1

    Hi, If I make a TRUNK port on the switch and mark all traffic using IEEE 802.1Q tags, does the ASUS RT-AC66U_B1 understand the router? I uploaded the latest Merlin FW to this router. I ask because I found no mention of tagging. Thanks for the anwers
  6. D

    WAN Port VLAN Trunking

    Hi all, I have the AC88U with latest Merlin. Currently, I send the WAN and LAN output from the Router into a switch (Microtik) which tags the VLAN's on the ports, sends it along another single port trunked to another switch. At this second switch the WAN and LAN is separated into a modem and...
  7. T

    Help needed with bonding, vlan trunking - router AC3200, managed netgear switch.

    Hi I'm looking for some help to resolve the issue I'm facing. I have an AC3200 running latest Merlin firmware and a netgear smart switch GS108Tv2. The switch supports 802.3ad (LACP) so I decided to run 2 network cables from the router physical ports 1 and 2 to the switch ports 7&8 and use...
  8. W

    Accessing multiple VLANS through a router

    Hi all, fairly new to networking, at least at the routing level. My network is actually in a theater, but still pretty small: three switches, two at FOH and one in the orchestra pit. There are two VLANs that I currently need frequent access to, VLANs 20 and 30, and I thought if I trunked those...