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Simple Trunk on GT-AXE16000 help

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just trying to put one of the 10Gb port in Trunk mode. But it's not passing traffic.

Anyone know if the ASUS use Native VLAN? As soon as I set either side Trunk All Vlan it just drops

my main VLAN is 1000 and I have bunch of others.

the other side is a Brocade VDX 6740 10GB

sw0(conf-if-te-1/0/46)# switchport mode trunk
sw0(conf-if-te-1/0/46)# switchport trunk allowed vlan all

That will default Native VLAN to 1

my other options are:
allowed                  Set the VLANs that will Xmit/Rx through the Layer2
  default-vlan           default transparent vlan
  native-vlan            Set the native VLAN characteristics of the Layer2
                         trunk interface for classifying untagged traffic
  native-vlan-untagged   Set the interface to accept only untagged native-vlan
                         traffic on ingress and untagged native-vlan traffic
                         on egress.
  native-vlan-xtagged    Set the interface to accept tagged|untagged
                         native-vlan traffic on ingress and egress as
                         specified by the user.
  tag                    Enable tagging

But normally I use VLAN 4000 for Native VLAN for passing untagged traffic.

But I have no idea what the ASUS side does when you put it into Trunk w/ Allow all tagging (default).
Anyone can share some light?
Anyone can share some light?

This router has only a year old beta firmware. Currently available firmware doesn't support VLANs.

You have to wait for official release and test again. What you are using is experimental, mostly new features preview.
There is no 3.0.06.xxxx for this router... only the 9.0.0.xxxx
and yes it hasn't been updated for an entire year while the newer BE router has the 3.0.06.... am I SOL?
No, most likely, just impatient. 😉
There is no 3.0.06.xxxx for this router... only the 9.0.0.xxxx

Exactly, beta firmware.

Anyone can share some light?
FWIW, I've deployed 4 VLANs on my AX88U-PRO running FW (not the same but similar to your beta version). Even though your firmware is different, you may be able to glean some insight from my working configurations.

One of my VLANs (VLAN75) is connected to a Netgear GS308T 8 Port Plus L2 Switch. This switch is configured with a 802.1q VLAN. Switch ports are configuration is as follows:

Screenshot 2024-03-22 090236.png

For VLAN #1, Ports 1 through 5 are "U" (untagged).
For VLAN #75, ports 1, is "T" (tagged) and ports 6, 7, 8 "U" (untagged)
Router port is connected to Switch Port #1.
For router VLAN configuration, I set
Mode = ALL (default)​
SDN (VLAN) Profile = Default​
This config does work. Devices connected to switch ports 1-5 are on the router's default subnet. Devices connected to switch ports 6-8 are on VLAN 75 subnet.

I have a 2nd L2 switch for VLAN78. It is NOT 802.1q configured. Rather, it operates more like a dumb switch. In this case, router VLAN configuration is as follows.
Mode = Access​
SDN (VLAN) Profile = VLAN78​
All devices connected to this switch are on VLAN78.

Hope this info can help illustrates Asus's "Mode" choices for your setup.
Unfortunately, the BETA VLAN v9 firmware doesn't have any of that. I can only create a VLAN here:
LAN -> VLAN -> Profile
All I can do is definte a VLAN ID and a spot to checkmark for Port Isolation.

On the VLAN Tab, I can set each port to either All(Default), Access, or Trunk
In Access Mode you can define which VLAN that port belongs to define in the Profile Tab.
In Trunk mode, you have Allow all tagged (default), and the option to assign per VLAN from the Profile tab I am NOT able to assign multiple VLAN Profiles to the port. Nor am I able to tag the packets.

To configure a "Router On a Stick" I need to be to able to encapsulate tagging to each VLAN. I don't even see a place where I can define the subnet & gateway per VLAN with the ASUS. Cause the router needs to know how to reach those vlan, needs to be tagged as well for each vlan.

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