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  1. S

    ASUS RT-AC5300 : Crashing on PowerLine network data use

    Hi Hoping someone might be able to perhaps identify or help identify what is causing this issue. Pretty certain it's router related and mostly seems to happen since upgrading to the latest release version. Operation Mode:Wireless router Firmware Version: 384.6 Essentially basic network...
  2. P

    RT-AC3100 slow GUI when 5GHZ radio is on

    Hi all, I'm not certain if anybody will be able to provide any advice or not about this issue (see below), but since I haven't seen my exact symptoms mentioned I thought mentioning it would serve the dual purpose of potentially providing a solution, but also alerting others who might have...
  3. ADFHogan

    RT-AC5300: When WAN drops out, device unresponsive until modem powercycled

    I have an ASUS RT-AC5300. Initially it was running stock firmware, but then I hoped perhaps running the alternate firmware (Merlin) I might have some better luck. Still having the same problem unfortunately, and I wondered if people had any ideas how I might diagnose/debug. The setup is...