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  1. N

    Fios, AXE11000 2 pack, TP link switch, and do I need vlan iptv?

    Hi all, I recently added a TP LINK TL-SG108E switch between FIOS ONT and zenWiFi ET12 pro router. The purpose was to resolve the widely known low upload speed issue. Just to be clear, it’s connected as ONT -> Switch -> Router. I noticed people mentioned about vlan iptv port 102 to be set up on...
  2. rmiller1959

    Download speed is consistently lower than upload speed on one PC (Lumos Networks fiber Internet)

    I have had great luck with the smart people on this forum before, and maybe you can help me figure this out. We just had a Lumos Networks 2 Gbps fiber Internet service installed, and the speeds are incredible - on one computer: This desktop system is connected via Ethernet to a Zyxel 2 Gbps...
  3. P

    [Sort of SOLVED] Slow Wifi Upload for XT8 on Verizon Fios

    Hello everyone, I thought I'd share my latest experiment which appears to have solved my biggest issues with my XT8 system. I originally started with a 4 unit XT8 mesh system on Verizon Fios with a 400/400 plan. Wired speeds were 500/500 (not a typo) but on wireless I could never get above...
  4. J

    AX11000 Upload speed issue

    Ive tried everything including calling ISP and ASUS (who is currently pondering the issue). I have a few ASUS routers, most recently an GT-AX11000, a GT-AC5300, a RT-AC5300 and an older RT-AC3200. I have Fiber 1 Gig. and until within the past week was getting close to the 1 Gig on the wired...
  5. Bandito

    WiFi Upload/Download Speed Differences

    I’ve not seen this addressed online and am very curious as to what may be going on. I have a 1 Gbps symmetric fiber connection to my home, but my WiFi upload speeds are always half of the download speed or a little less, i.e. 400 down/125 up. This has been true ever since I got the fiber...
  6. D

    Slow upload to RT-AC68U USB Disk via VPN

    RT-AC68U with MerlinWRT 384.8_2 I occasionally connect remotely via OpenVPN to my RT-AC68U at home to upload files to the attached disk (on the USB3 port, USB3 2TB disk). I just tried uploading a file. The fastest upload speed I was able to attain was 550KB/s (~4.3 Mbps) using FTP. Tried both...
  7. N

    ASUS WAN Setup - Dual or other config

    Hi, Here's my scenario: My kit is an ASUS RT-AC5300 running Merlin 384.6 firmware with a second AC5300 working as a hard wired AP. I have terrible UPLOAD on my home broadband. I mean TERRIBLE. It is on average 0.4Mbps! My download on home broadband is 12-18Mbps. I've spoken to everyone and...
  8. J

    How to Achieve 1Gbps Upstream with a DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem?

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DOCSIS According to the above Wiki, the maximum throughput for a DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem (32X8) should be 1372.16Mbps Down/245.76Mbps Up. I have seen other people post in this forum that they have 1Gbps Down/1Gbps Up. They also post numbers for upload speeds in...