vpn and dns proxy servers

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  1. kuki68ster

    ControlD Utility for routers...

    Hello guys! Any advantage in implementing this ControlID utility for Asus Merlin? "Introducing ctrld v1.010 hours ago We're happy to announce that the 1.0 version of the ctrld utility is released! It allows you to run a highly customizable local DNS proxy server on any device (like a...
  2. Purdue

    Solved Manual DNS = NTP can't connect

    My Asus AC68 is behind ISP router and acting mainly as a VPN provider and VLAN. When (in FreshTomato) I set up the DNS manually adding the one I want (router or VPN ones), NTP stop to work (blinking "Not available" behind Time didn't got caught in the screenshot), the date is wrong, thus nothing...
  3. royarcher

    VPN and DNS proxy t

    I understand how a VPN works,by changing your IP address, but how do the smart DNS services that VPN company offer work.? I am asking because when I use a VPN to stream via a Roku device I can stream all US content like Hulu and amazon and I also get access to a service called fandango.Fandango...