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Hello guys!

Any advantage in implementing this ControlID utility for Asus Merlin?

"Introducing ctrld v1.010 hours ago

We're happy to announce that the 1.0 version of the ctrld utility is released! It allows you to run a highly customizable local DNS proxy server on any device (like a router), and create dynamic DNS routing policies based on source IP, destination IP, split DNS rules, and more. Now you can finally stop using Legacy DNS on your network, even for devices that don't support Secure DNS. Get the utility, documentation, and source code on Github (https://github.com/Control-D-Inc/ctrld)... "

  1. Use secure DNS protocols on networks and devices that don't natively support them (legacy routers, legacy OSes, TVs, smart toasters).
  2. Create source IP based DNS routing policies with variable secure DNS upstreams. Subnet 1 (admin) uses upstream resolver A, while Subnet 2 (employee) uses upstream resolver B.
  3. Create destination IP based DNS routing policies with variable secure DNS upstreams. Listener 1 uses upstream resolver C, while Listener 2 uses upstream resolver D.
  4. Create domain level "split horizon" DNS routing policies to send internal domains (*.company.int) to a local DNS server, while everything else goes to another upstream.

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