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    ASUS RT-AX86U Double Hop VPN?

    Am I misinformed or just messing up? I have an ASUS RT-AX86U Pro and I am trying to take advantage of its VPN capabilities. On the router I am running a WireGuard VPN server and connecting to an external VPN (Proton), also via WireGuard and VPN Fusion. I run a PiHole on my network as a DNS...
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    About Asus RT-AX 86 PRO

    Hello , After buying Asus RT-AX 57 , I had some good internet speed with OpenVPN to be honest ( 70 Mbps ) comparing to another Wireless Router ( Tp link AX55 ) that did reach only 20 Mbps at best . but unfortunately the ASUS router is a bit limited in the Ram and also doesn't have some...
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    Solved Mobile client > VPN Server > VPN service (internet): possible?

    Hello! So here's what I and my limited understanding of what Merlin can do is theorizing... I'd like to know first if it's even possible (mostly because I can't get it to work): I'd like to use an OpenVPN client on my mobile device to connect to the VPN Server on my Merlin-enabled router...
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    Asus with VPN client and server at the same time ? (old question, new solutions needed!)

    Hi I have successfully set up privateinternetaccess.com as my OpenVPN Client on my RT AC 87 U Asus router. I have successfully set up my router an OpenVPN Server allowing me to acccess my home network from e.g. an Android using the OpenVPN Connect app. Problems are: As long as the PIA...