Solved Mobile client > VPN Server > VPN service (internet): possible?


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Hello! So here's what I and my limited understanding of what Merlin can do is theorizing... I'd like to know first if it's even possible (mostly because I can't get it to work):

I'd like to use an OpenVPN client on my mobile device to connect to the VPN Server on my Merlin-enabled router (GT-AX6000, if that helps). This part works fine. From there, I'd like the mobile device to connect out to the internet via the VPN Client settings that I've configured to work with my VPN service provider. Here is where things seem to break, as if I'm connected to the Server the router doesn't seem to send internet traffic to the VPN service provider I've configured, even if I use VPN Director to send all traffic from my mobile device's IP to it. All traffic goes out via my internet provider and ignores the VPN client connection.

Is this even possible? Reason I'm looking to try this is that there are some local services I'd like to be able to access on the road without having to flip between my OpenVPN client connection to the router/my internal network, and my VPN service provider's app for somewhat more privacy while internet browsing.

Any advice is appreciated - thanks!


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This is definitely possible. I have two OpenVPN server running, one the dial-in client will go to internet directly via WAN to my ISP, the other one will route to OpenVPN Client 1 to access Internet.
How is your VPN Director configured? Also, in OpenVPN Client settings, under Redirect Internet traffic through tunnel, make sure to select VPN Director (policy rules).


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Argh, I think I figured it out... Randomized MAC Address I think has been screwing around with the IP I'm grabbing, ergo making it impossible for VPN Director to know to route my device a particular way. Just tested it again after reverting to the device MAC and it works! The smarter these devices get, the stupider I feel. :D

Thanks for confirming that it works though; I appreciate it!

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