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  1. N

    WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra versus WD My Cloud Mirror (2022 version)

    I have seen this comparison dated 2017, but since products likely evolved over 5 years, I wanted to solicit new feedback. I currently have two separate WD My Cloud (model WDBCTL0080HWT). Each NAS drive is 8TB of media (movies, pictures, music) with 2TB free space. One is primary, the other a...
  2. Julio Urquidi

    Western Digital's New Cloud Endeavor - Acquires Upthere

    Western Digital had a busy week. Aside from acquiring enterprise storage vendor Tegile, WD is also bolstering its consumer branch with the purchase of Upthere, for an undisclosed amount. The company is a six-year old cloud storage company and enhances Western Digital’s presence in the...
  3. thiggins

    WD Announces New MyCloud NASes

    The new My Cloud Home comes in single and dual-drive versions and is targeted at those who want to bring their "scattered digital content" back home from the cloud. The Homes support new features not available on the mass-market My Clouds including individual user accounts, built-in search...
  4. C

    WD MyCloud EX2 Ultra vs. MyCloud Mirror Gen 2

    Hi there, I am looking to get a new Western Digital NAS as I am happy with the ones I have had in the past. However the speed improvements since my most recent one (My Cloud Miror Gen 1) 3 years ago are looking significant, and something I hope to tap into. But I am struggling which to get. My...
  5. Julio Urquidi

    Western Digital Adds First Branded SSD Drives: WD Blue and Green

    Just months after acquiring SanDisk, Western Digital announced it is adding solid state drives (SSDs) as another branch to its family of internal storage products. WD Blue PC SSDs and WD Green PC SSDs will join WD's color-coded hard drive families, including WD Red for NAS drives, WD Purple for...
  6. sfx2000

    [News] - NextCloud Box - Raspberry Pi 2, Ubuntu, WD 1GB

    Not sure if this should go in the NAS forum or over in Cloud... https://nextcloud.com/box/ Introducing the Nextcloud Box Bring your data home The Nextcloud Box is your private cloud. It stores your data and enables you to sync between your devices and share with others. The Nextcloud box...
  7. Julio Urquidi

    WD’s $18.1 B Acquisition Of SanDisk Is Done

    Western Digital Technologies (WD) announced that Sandisk is now a Western Digital company with post-acquisition related activities starting immediately. Three days after getting Chinese approval for its acquisition of SanDisk, Western Digital Corporation (WDC), announced that its WD...