wireless backhaul

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  1. S

    Asus XT8 internet drops and wired backhaul

    Good afternoon everyone, I'm sorry for this long post. I been reading through the forum for months now and trying to figure out what do to get these XT8 working. You all seems incredibly knowledgeable. I upgraded from an Orbi RBR50/RBS50 because the Orbi didn't let me manage my bandwitdth and...
  2. Tiny Beard

    Newbie Needs Clear Answers/Direction Please!

    Hey! Completely new here, and rapidly consuming as much info about networking as I can. Certainly a newfound hobby/interest/fixation. I have a pretty open ended question concerning optimal setup for my network with Fios. Short memoir incoming. So, I live in pretty old condos. Parents let me...
  3. J

    Dual GT-AXE16000 Routers in AiMesh Configuration extremely unstable

    Hi, I have two GT-AXE16000 routers. One primary, and one that I was trying to use as an AiMesh node. The problem I'm getting is that the node constantly resyncs and restarts wireless (as seen in its log), with only a few seconds of actual uptime in between each resync. This results in an...
  4. A

    Asus XT8 or Asus ET8?

    Hey all, wanted to get your thoughts on these two routers. First off a little bit about my needs, I have a 1000 down/30 up connection from my ISP (currently being heavily underutilized because of the very very old wireless router that I had laying around). My house is an older (~1960s) 2-storey...
  5. Adam Siemiginowski

    How does the Dedicated Wireless Backhaul work when combining a dual band and tri-band router?

    Hey all! How does the Dedicated Wireless Backhaul work when combining a dual band and tri-band router? Does the dual band router stop providing 5GHz wifi connection to devices OR does the dual band router not provide a 5GHz wifi backhaul to the other AiMesh nodes? I have an AiMesh setup with...
  6. jwarthman

    Basic: How to Configure Wireless Backhaul

    Well, this is a basic question, and I imagine the answer is simple. I have two XT8 routers running firmware version 42095. For months, they WERE using the 5-2 GHz channel for wireless backhaul. I started noticing poor performance on some client nodes, and realized the backhaul is now set to the...
  7. T

    Asus Zenwifi XT8 5GHz-2 Band DFS Channel Backhaul Behavior

    I have the 2-pk XT8 Mesh system. The 2 routers are connected through the 5GHz-2 band as dedicated wireless backhaul. The channel used is DFS channel. Now, if a DFS/Radar event happens and the channel can't be used, what is the behavior of the system, specifically the AiMesh satellite node? I am...