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  1. M

    Solved Camping / RVing - Using old router as repeater

    I'm preparing for camping season with my travel trailer. Many campgrounds offer free Wi-Fi, but the coverage is not great for every site. Four cellphones, sound system using music streaming, smart TV and, eventually, laptops to connect. I would like to improve Wi-Fi signal around the trailer and...
  2. F

    WISP Mode on RT-AC3100/RT-AC88U?

    Hello - First time post here. I've been hunting around to see if it's possible for the ASUS RT-AC3100 to have WISP (wireless ISP) mode enabled? ASUS firmware does not support or allow this but wondering if other firmware might? I'm discovering some manufactures/brands have different names for...
  3. A

    how do i set up second router as an extender, seperate SSID, no DHCP,WISP?

    Ok really must admit here that i know nothing about networking this is my 1st try at any sort of range extension and it is not going well for me at all. I first tried to install a wifi repeater and it was a total disaster, the repeater used the same SSID and password as the main router with...
  4. BobMCT

    Connection timeout with WISP mode?

    I support many, many SOHO installations across the USA where many use WISP to connect to a host site's WLAN for Internet access. The reason this is done is to keep their "SOHO" network private and secure for its members/employees. And the fact that there is little or NO support from the host...