WISP Mode on RT-AC3100/RT-AC88U?

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Hello - First time post here. I've been hunting around to see if it's possible for the ASUS RT-AC3100 to have WISP (wireless ISP) mode enabled? ASUS firmware does not support or allow this but wondering if other firmware might? I'm discovering some manufactures/brands have different names for WISP e.g. client AP, wireless bridge, etc. I've always known the feature as WISP. What I'm trying to accomplish is connect my WAN via wifi client connection, have my router still serve as DHCP server, and firewall the downstream LAN. The RT-AC3100 I already have checks off a lot of boxes for other features I need so I am hoping a non-standard firmware turns this feature on. Thanks a ton for any help or input here.


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Not supported on any Asus router.

WISP mode is different from AP, Repeater, and Media Bridge modes.

WISP is using the router in router mode from a wireless input signal. The other modes don't.

You can buy a cheap WISP (travel) router and connect it's LAN to the RT-AC3100 if it meets your needs so well. ;)


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L&LD - Thanks for your help here. Yeah, back to the drawing board on this one then :). Seems strange to me there are so few WISP router options. Thanks again.


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Though it isn't going to be as robust wiht available features as you might be hoping for,

The setting you are looking for on an ASUS router is called "WiFi Proxy" in Repeater mode.
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