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  1. C

    Would someone be able to make a Kill Switch script that works with x3mrouting ?

    So the problem is that currently when the router reboots, or you stop the vpn client. Devices that are policy routed through the vpn using vpn director still retain internet access. I have tried the script located at https://www.snbforums.com/threads/vpn-client-and-killswitch.74170/#post-707860...
  2. M

    x3mRouting Working paramount plus settings?

    Hello, Does anybody have working settings for paramount plus? I am currently using: sh /jffs/scripts/x3mRouting/x3mRouting.sh ALL 3 PARASN asnum=AS15169,AS3257,AS3561,AS54113,AS3356,AS20940 sh /jffs/scripts/x3mRouting/x3mRouting.sh ALL 3 PARAWEB...
  3. R

    DNSMasq file size?

    Hi all, I've been searching around trying to find an answer and haven't yet-- hoping someone can help. I've setup x3mRouting's autoscan feature which had me add the following to /jffs/configs/dnsmasq.conf.add: log-async log-queries log-facility=/opt/var/log/dnsmasq.log x3mRouting then...
  4. J

    x3mrouting setup help

    I have 2 filter iplists made for ipset: (1) ipsum format; 139000 lines (2) subnet format ~1700 lines How to route requests to them by using existed OpenVPN connection and x3mRouting script? Thank you for helping on this, newbie in x3m usage.
  5. W

    x3mRouting VPN Client Policy Configuration showing blank after apply

    model RT-AX86U, FW 386.4 not able to save anything the same issue found here looks no response https://github.com/Xentrk/x3mRouting/issues/44
  6. Lord Kamina

    x3mRouting Is it possible to get x3mRouting working on vanilla AsusWRT?

    First, my setup: A GT-AC5300AC as primary (hence why I'm not on merlin) and an RT-AC5300 as a node over 5ghz wifi. I have a load-balancing setup between two ISPS; one is cable and one is fibre, generally get speeds up to 800 mbps. And I'm using ExpressVPN MediaStreamer DNS plus their VPN...
  7. distilled

    How does "Block Internet Access" work (and other questions)

    This is very probably going to be a dumb, or at least redundant question, but I could not find it addressed anywhere with a few searches. I apologize in advance, but I travel frequently these days, and do not have the time to learn through experimentation, as would be my preference. As I...