x3mRouting Is it possible to get x3mRouting working on vanilla AsusWRT?

Lord Kamina

New Around Here
First, my setup: A GT-AC5300AC as primary (hence why I'm not on merlin) and an RT-AC5300 as a node over 5ghz wifi.
I have a load-balancing setup between two ISPS; one is cable and one is fibre, generally get speeds up to 800 mbps.

And I'm using ExpressVPN MediaStreamer DNS plus their VPN (configured via VPN Fusion) on some but not all of my devices.

BUT I've been lately having more and more issues with my streaming content.
I'm using the USB mount trick to run a script to fix my iptables for netflix, the old fashioned way and it usually sorta works (still could definitely be improved)

What I'm wondering is whether it'd be possible to get x3mrouting to work via this same usbmount trick (understanding it would probably severely limit my configuration options), or alternatively implement a dumber version of the same idea that could be made to work given my current limitations?

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