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    ZenWiFi XD5 Mesh Nodes (2 out of 4) are Flashing Green!

    I have 2 homes with Asus Mesh networks. I am having issues in my vacation home where I have the following setup: Main Router RT-AC86U Mesh Nodes: 1 RT-AC68U; and 4 ZenWiFi XD5’s Recently, 2 of the XD5’s (mesh nodes) are no longer accessible on my network and both are flashing green as though...
  2. M

    XT9 - Guest network issues when connected to wired node

    I set up my network using Asus XT9 (Router and wired node) and XD5 (1 wired node and 2 wireless nodes) ISSUE: Devices connected to the guest network via a wired node can connect, but have a significant performance issues. (This only happens on the guest network. The main network in fine)...
  3. R

    ASUS RT-AX88U Network Segmentation (Help Needed)

    Hello Everyone, I have been a long-term window lurker on SNB. The forums have been quite helpful in the past. I finally signed up, and have a few questions of my own. Hoping someone could help me achieve the setup I need or just tell me if it is not possible at all. My hardware includes: 1...
  4. T

    Zenwifi XD5 and AX4200 Weird behaviour

    I have connected all three Zenwifi XD5 (WAN) nodes via ethernet backhaul to my TUF AX4200. All works absolutely fine however I cannot switch the LED light off or change the location from HOME on any of the XD50s. I have tried to change this via the app and the main webgui It appears to change...