10Gbe NAS vs link aggregated 5Gbe NAS selection

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I am in the midst of trying to set up a network with the main aim of video editing in mind. Currently, I just have a simple wireless home router and an Asustor AS202TE and do simple video editing on my PC. I am looking at upgrading.... A newer faster NAS drive, and possibly upgrading the network infrastructure. Therein lies the issue. I have been reading many, many articles about switches, NAS's etc etc including some very good articles on SMB I might add, but I feel like I am going around in circles due to my lack of knowledge. I was going down the route of getting a new Gigabit switch and was looking at buying an ASUSTOR AS5304T and using my old NAS as a backup device using rsync. However, looking at the specs, I was not sure this would be much faster than my current setup. The editing is done on a reasonably fast PC which is a few years old so only has Gigabit ethernet. I saw that the AS4004T has 2 x 2,5Gbe ports, and that sent me on another search, where I ended up thinking maybe I should buy a 10Gbe switch to take advantage of link aggregation on the 2 x 2.5Gbe ports of the NAS. The Unifi US-XG-6POE switch seemed Ok, but expensive. Another merry journey, and I found I could get a 5Gbe USB3 network adaptor for my PC. Then I looked aroud a bit more and wondered if I would get any benefit from buying an ASUSTOR AS4004T which has a 10Gbe port. Strangely, the 2 NAS's are about the same price, despite one being essentially 2.5Gbe and the other 10Gbe.

I'm hoping you guys can help me, as with much of my searching, I am realising that the figures quoted in the specs are not always the ones you actually get when you factor in all of the other items in the whole system. In terms of actual file transfer speeds from my PC to the NAS, what relative improvements am I likely to see between the AS5304T using 2x2.5Gbe link aggregation and the AS4004T using the 10Gbe port (whilst using a 5Gbe usb network adaptor on the PC and a Unifi US-XG-6POE switch)?

Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me.



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I think you are chasing the wrong horse.if you want bandwidth for video editing, keep the storage in the PC using the fastest memory bus and storage bus and drives available in the system. Use a nas for storage of raw and finished work. Or possibly use direct attached external storage over TB3 or similar

lag is for increasing the number of users that can access a server simultaneously and still have each with reasonable responsiveness. It does not increase the bandwidth for a single user situation.

you might be better off investing in a workstation class motherboard and storage rather than spending on lower throughput networking connections.


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The 10Gbe on the NAS would give you a better upgrade path in the future if you eventually upgrade your PC and switch. Not an expert, but link aggregation never seems to be as good as it sounds. Hopefully someone with a better working knowledge can provide the specific reasons as to why. Keeping the data local as much as possible would be the ideal solution, use the NAS for archiving and backups as opposed to "live" editing (IMO).


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@degrub and @dosborne many thanks for the reply. Sounds like I have been barking up the wrong tree - sometimes its easy to get drawn into a tech dream which you don't need, and it sounds like that is what I am guilty of. I will stick to a Gigbait switch and lower my expectations using the NAS more as a backup than a live working source. Thank you - that has certainly saved me alot of potential outlay. I know its a NAS thread, but in terms of workstation class motherboards and storage or a new PC specific for editing, do you have any recomendations?

Thanks again - Ian


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MAC or PC Windows/Linux ?

you can pose the question here -

while more focused on still photography, the owner , Josh, and others on the site make commercial videos

here is one vendor - look in the :customize: sections for the MB and components they use.

ASUS makes solid MB.
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