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2900M RT AX 86U no WiFi, Ethernet is disconnecting again and aigain

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New Around Here
Hi all,

I’ve bought a used Asus 2900M RT AX 86U. The problem is that I cannot access the WebGui, haven’t a WiFi Network (LED for WiFi are off although I pressed the WiFi on button) and have no connection via Ethernet (LED is on and is flashing)

My previous owner told me, that he flashed the Merlin Firmware and after that there was no more connection to the router. So I thought I try to resurrect the router....

What I’ve done until now: I tried to flash the standard FW via restoration tool but without success. Strangely enough the Firmware restoration tool says, it’s uploading the FW via WiFi although I deactivated WiFi on my computer. Whatever, this haven’t changed anything. Also the device discovery tool ore IP config on CMD found no IP.

I observe in Win 10 Network connection that the Ethernet connection have the following behaviour: Activating Ethernet / Identification / Network disconnected / Identification / disconnected.....doesn’t matter which Ethernet port I use.

I tried to give my computer a fixed IP but it hasn’t changed anything.

Maybe anyone now the problem and can help me please.


That router model does not exist. It's either an RT-AC86U, or an RT-AX88U.
Yes youre right I made a typo, its an RT AC86U, Ill try the nuce reset and give a reply. Thanks.
Finally I was able to come to the WebGui via the WPS reset. Thanks for your help.

Unfortenetaly whatever i do, reboot, update firmware etc. the router goes back to the desribed behaivior and I have to do the factory reset again.

A new behavior was that the WiFi was visible @ Win 10 but couldnt connect.

Is there any chance to get the router running in a normal way?
I have an AC86 and it has been problematic for me including no web GUI, 5 Ghz dropping off line, no DHCP servers on VPN clients and VPN server not functioning.

To get the AC86 working and what should be a stable state I often have to do the "NUCLEAR" reset outlined by LD&D, then put the router into recovery mode and then using the ASUS utility installing the firmware one version previous to current, do a factory reset, then upgrade to the latest firmware version, do another factory reset and finally re input the settings, preferably from scratch and not a saved file.

Currently I am able to get week or so before I have to rinse and repeat. This is the second AC86 I have had. The first I returned to ASUS via an RMA for similar bad behavior. I thought it might be the result of an issue with Skynet and or another script but the latest need for a redo came about even though I wasn't running any scripts.

I'm seriously considering reverting back to an AC1900P as I never had any problems with it. Also I'm running as close as possible the same configuration on an old N66 which I have to put on line while I lobotomize the AC86 and it works fine except the throughput for VPNs on it much slower as would be expected with its processor.

Good luck with your router.

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