Solved [384.19 issue?] Unable to generate a new certificate

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I have used https to access the management interface for a long time, and when I upgraded to 384.19, I noticed that I could not generate a new https certificate for the management page.
Yes, I did restoring the factory settings, and resetting everything after upgrading.

Asus RT-AC68U

Asuswrt-Merlin 384.19

Steps to reproduce:
Upgrade to 384.19, enable https and set a LAN IP address and host name different from the default, reboot, and try to generate a new certificate.

Actual results:
The certificate is still the certificate created before. the verification method: check the host name, IP address, and creation time of the certificate.

Expected results:
Generate a new self-signed certificate.

I reset the router after every major upgrade. before that, there was no problem with the certificate generation.
Until 386.1-A3 there is still this problem. I think this problem may be caused by changes to the certificate in 384.19.

This issue will be fixed in 386.1-B3
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I can’t even generate a new self-signed certificate in router mode, and nothing happens when I click Apply. @RMerlin

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