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4G-AC86U external antenna

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New Around Here
Dear friends,

I wanted to buy the 4g-ac86u router but I'm not sure if a 4g outdoor antenna can be connected to it. So far I have the following antenna working perfectly with a modem / router from another brand: https://www.amazon.es/dp/B07SBLJ9QJ/
With this antenna and my old router get speeds of 80 mbps with speed test. It is a rural area with very poor coverage and I think that with the 2 3g / 4g antennas that this asus router incorporates, I would hardly have a signal. Has anyone connected external antennas to this router? I understand that an outdoor antenna would work better but I'm not sure.

i see they are rp-sma connectors, i think i could just buy a pair of rp-sma to sma adapters to fit my outdoor antenna.

On the other hand, in the 4g-ac68u router manufacturer's specifications if I see that it specifies that it works better with an external antenna connected but no in the 4g-ac86u:

Detachable 4G LTE antennas
External broadband antennas offer superior performance over internal designs. Typically, the best signal reception indoors is near windows. However, if for whatever reason you can't fit it there, the detachable design allows you to add an antenna extension cable and connect it to the standard SMA connector.
but it does not put any of this in the 4g-ac86u.

I can't find information on the internet about connecting external antennas.

Does the router firmware have any configuration about external antennas like other routers from other brands?

I would really appreciate knowing your opinion or if someone has connected an external antenna.,

thanks in advance. a cordial greeting

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