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509 Pro with load balancing slow?

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New Around Here
Hi Guys,

I have a Asus P5B Deluxe dual Gigabit motherboard which is trunked to a HP Pro Curve 1800-8G Switch, out of that is another 2GB trunk to the QNAP 509.

When copying movies of around 700MB, I only get 65MB/Sec. This unit has the upgraded ram, so I'm meant to be seeing 90/MB +

Any ideas?

Question ... what do you mean by 'upgraded memory' ... in excess of the 1GB from factory? (sorry just found these forums by following YeOldStoneCat over from [H]F).

I have noticed that on my setup that if you only have on host hammering on the Qnap that it load balances a bit differently than you might expect. When I watch the etherchannel, it splits the incoming and outgoing traffic from a single host; using one port for incoming and one port for outgoing.

Even still, you should be able to theoretically get up to 100'ish MB/s, but I have not seen any performance benchmarks that show the 509 pro much above 65MB/s. I would be interested in any information that you have about getting 90MB/s .... that is in the ballpark of the transfer rate that I see at work with a $30k enterprise SAN.
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