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AC31000 - MU-MIMO and other config

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Hi! I recently did an emergency hard reset and firmware upgrade on my RT-AC3100 router. As a result of this, I cannot do a planned reset and upgrade, with a backup configuration, using a screenshot of the admin website. Reading the MU-MIMO configuration, from @L&LD (https://www.snbforums.com/threads/asus-rt-ax88u-experiences-discussion.49427/page-14#post-473643) I read that MIMO and other configuration its recommended turned off by @RMerlin . I would like to find all that suggestions to improve the performance of my router.

I tried to reply, but that thread is older than 6 months and I cannot reply there.
I don't understand what is stopping you?
Nothing is stopping me. I looking for that configuration recommendations to apply in my router :)
That hasn't changed in years.

Excellent!! Do you know what kind of key word I can use to find in the forum, the message with that recommendations?
Resolved! Thanks

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