AC56U - installing external antennas


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I had constant problems with 2.4Hz like other people here:

WL500w, WL520GU and TPLink wr741nd are working without any problems in the same environment.

So I desided to add external antennas with a hope of fixing it.

Board has connectors for exteral antennas, but I soldered wires directrly to board after unsoldering inductors to disconnect internal antennas.

I and the result is that I have better signal, but wifi disconnection problems ARE NOT SOLVED. I do not know wheter it is defective unit, firmware problem or operation in crowded environment, but my current solution is to disable 2.4GHz radio and connect old TPLink wr741nd as access point.
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it sounds like firmware. It could also be heat. For me i solved mine by adding a usb fan taped to the back right above the heatsink blowing air away on my ac68u. My problem was that the router would hang often.


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have you nat acceleration enabled or disabled? with enabled I have these problems too


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It is not a heat problem because problem appears right from the start, and 5GHz works very good. Also there is no problem with other functionality.

I tried both with NAT acceleration enabled and disabled. Actualy I tried every option in firmware.

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