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AC86U - do I need a modem for FTTC?

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Hi all,

I recently moved house and have been battling to get my broadband connected. However, I've been told it's connected now, but it's still not working for me. I'm wondering if I am getting slightly confused about my hardware etc.

At my previous house I had FTTC, and there was an openreach box (modem?) connected to the master socket - but I can't remember if my AC86U was plugged into that, or directly into the wall.

At the new property there is just a master socket, no modem, and when I plug my AC86U into the socket my phone line dies and I can't connect. A bit of googling is unclear, so I'm wondering if I need a modem between the wall socket and the router for my FTTC connection to work? Some places I read indicate I will need a separate modem, but because the router has PPPoE settings I wasn't sure if that is enough?

This is the exact AC86U that I have: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B075WFL15D/?tag=smallncom-21 And below are pictures of the master socket.

If it turns out I do need a modem, is there a cheap simple one that I could order next-day on Amazon to get us up and running, rather than wait for Plusnet or OpenReach to send me one?



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You need a modem. This is normally supplied by the ISP.

P.S. Your Amazon link shows an RT-AC86U not an RT-AC68U.
As a heads up, after moving from BT or Plusnet, you'll need to use PPPoE with username and password (set on the router), and express VLAN 101 on the phone line side of the modem (set on the modem - usually.

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