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AC86U status of vlan support ?

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What is the current satus of vlan support (vlanctl) on the 86U. I have done several searches on the forum and find nothing newer than Jun 19 and as of then it seemed that more work/info was needed to understand how everything works on the newer HND processors.

I am looking to upgrade my N66U to either an AC68U or AC86U for the faster AC wifi. I currently have a simple VPN setup on my N66U and was hoping to apply this to the replacement as I use it to access the stats on my vdsl2 modem. I know it can be done on the 68U but not sure with the 86U which would be a better choice due to its faster OpenVPN support.

This is the config on my N66U

robocfg vlan 20 ports "0t 8t"
vconfig add eth0 20
ifconfig vlan20 up
brctl addif br0 vlan20

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