AC88U - 2.4G Network Not Working

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Steve ORourke

Occasional Visitor
I did a factory reset and starting throwing my settings back into the router.

It seems that the 2.4 network was working until I enabled QoS
I enjoy using QoS even though I hear a lot of people say things like, "QoS is useless on consumer-grade hardware/software" Maybe we're past those times now - it seemed my $40 Netgear's QoS worked fine and I felt that QoS on this router worked fine as well - although I did need to hard limit the roomate's torrent connections. Plus your bring up the point enough too: these routers are steps above the $40 walmart routers.

Maybe when I get more time I'll try rolling back to the last firmware and playing around with QoS as well as seeing if the interface changed like I think it did..

Glad you figured it out. I do remember reading stuff about the QOS on ASUS, but i cant remember the model number of the router\firmware that was having issues.

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