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AC88U Port forwarding problem

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New Around Here
Good morning,

I have an Asus AC88U, I installed the WRT merlin 386.11 firmware, I didn't know WRT merlin yet. I put a static Ip in the DHCP for my PC and I did my port forwarding for my games.

It works very well, I'm going to play a few games, no problem the next day, I return to play, the connection in game is disastrous, slowness, slowdown, lag, it's unplayable, I don't recognize the connection.

I delete all the port rules, I restart my port rules, it works again a few parts the next day, it does the same thing to me. I tried with open nat same. I have the impression that I can create the port forwarding rules but as if they no longer have an effect as if I had not opened any ports.

I am in France, I have a Freebox delta and I put the AC88U behind the ISP modem. However I put a static Ip in AC88U and put in the DMZ. On the AC88U, I explained above static ip to my PC and port forwardings unless I did something wrong?

Sorry I go through google translate, it may be that the translation is not very good.

Welcome to the forums @Gunshy.

Why are you putting the router in the DMZ? Why are you forwarding ports?

Do your games not run otherwise?
Good morning,

I put the AC88U, behind my ISP's modem, that's why I put a DMZ to the AC88U. I tried open NAT, to redirect ports and on Apex Legends it's unplayable I have packet loss I lag so much that I can't play. I opened my ports via port forwarding, manual and the packet loss and lag problem disappeared I can play. I have the impression that Open NAT makes me take a clogged route or the loss of packet lags that I don't have with port forwarding ?

Since Open NAT is a problem for me, for Apex Legends can I open ports for Apex Legends via port forwarding and open ports via Open NAT for other games to see if Open NAT optimizes the route for other games ?

Port forwarding open ports > Apex Legends
Open NAT > open ports other games Example > COD, Battlefied, Rainbow Six siege etc... ?

Sorry I go through google translate, it may be that the translation is not good.

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