AC88U slow internet speed on 386.1

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New Around Here
My internet speed dropped to ~200mbps from ~900mbps after I upgraded my AC88U from 384.19 to 386.1. Not sure if this helps, but I am using aimesh (with 3 AC66U B1, all updated to the latest stable version available on ASUS's website, and am running an OpenVPN server, have guest network enabled, using link aggregation and using port forwarding. I tried downgrading my aimesh nodes to merlin 384.19 while my main router (AC88U) is on 386.1, but this does not help. My LAN speeds are unaffected. Not sure if this is a bug?

Mystical Kimchi

New Around Here
I think there is a bug in the 386.1 series. I have an RT-AC3100, and I noticed that devices on the 2.4 GHz band top out at around 250 KiB/s download. Devices on the 5 GHz band seem fine.

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