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  1. J

    AX and AC routers Aimesh mix

    Hello guys, i am noob in this AIMESH questions I have main router AX88U and node AX56U, i am not really happy about this node so i ordered AX82U and i wish to connect them without cables. And also i have AC86U, i know it's one of the best AC routers on market. So my question is if my wireless...
  2. tommykristensen

    AiMesh trouble

    Hi there, I have some trouble to get the AiMesh feature to work. I google, watched youtube-vids, but couldn't find any answer - hope that someone in here has an idea. I bought a ROG GT AX11000 as main router - and a 4G-AC68U as a node (and backup for ISP failures). I installed the latest...
  3. M

    AX88U main router with AX92U AiMesh nodes cannot use Wifi 6

    I can use Wifi6 on AX88U connected clients fine, but when I switch to AX92U, it always uses only AC. AX92U uses the 2nd 5GHz channel as backhaul link. This is also the one which supports AX. And there is a FAQ page explaining how to get the network to work with AX for clients, instead for...
  4. Thw0rted

    AiMesh nodes always use DHCP?

    I have three RT-AX92Us configured as mesh in AP mode. The primary is set to a static LAN IP, but as far as I can tell there's no way to assign static IPs to the nodes. It's been mostly stable, but I've had a few weird outages lately where devices will be able to connect to one node but not...
  5. A

    Weird issue with AiMesh on CDN-used sites

    Config: Main AX-88 AX-58 as AiMesh node thru 5GHz both on Merlin 384.19 issue: after some uptime of whole aimesh net, devices connected thru the mesh node (not a main router), when try to open CDN-used sites starts to get a timeouts for a CDN resources (pictures, etc.) when the same device is...
  6. C

    XT8 using 2.4ghz as backhaul even though worse than 5ghz

    I've just picked up a pair of XT8s and have updated them to the latest firmware ( I was surprised to find that my devices were using the 2.4GHz band as the backhaul - with a 1/3 bar connection. I rebooted and they were once again connected with a 3/3 bar connection on the...
  7. S

    Asus Wireless Extender (RP-AC55): Stock Firmware Work With Merlin Router...??

    Hi All, ASUS makes a wireless extender (Model: RP-AC55) that supports AiMesh. Understood that Merlin's firmware does NOT support this model. Question: If I use this extender with its latest stock Asus firmware, will it work with my AC86U router running Merlin Firmware 384.19? I couldn't...
  8. F

    Need help with choosing an AiMesh router

    Hey everyone! I am currently using the RT-AC5300 for 4 years now but I have an issue with the range. From the router to my room, there are 2 walls and the network or WiFi strength is quite bad. I am thinking of getting another ASUS router to setup as a mesh/node. Any recommendations?
  9. J

    Mesh network mixed with AC and AX w/ Ethernet Backhaul

    Hi all, I would like to finally upgrade to ax network and here's my current setup: Optical modem -cat6-> Asus RT-AC88u (dual band AC1000 + 2167Mbps on ground floor) -cat6-> Netgear N router (on top floor) as Access Point while running different SSID. When I set both to same SSID and I walk...
  10. LeBlackNight

    Unstable AiMesh Various Questions

    Hello. My wife and kids are getting quite frustrated with our "internet connection", and conversely me because I am the person who is supposed to know how to fix it. I am sure many of you can relate. So what's the problem? Instability. Frequent dropouts of the 2.4GHz or 5GHz bands. Intermittent...
  11. stari4ek

    5GHz radio on AC88U is dead. "Replace" 5GHz radio with AP/AiMesh node?

    Hey, I'm looking for good advice here. It looks like 5GHz radio on my AC88U is dead. SSID is visible, but all devices fail to connect (galaxy note9, macbook, chromebook hp x2) to same 5GHz channel it worked before. Tried: switching to original Asus firmware from Merlin (with full reset) clean...
  12. Thw0rted

    Wired AP to add to existing AiMesh network

    I got a 2-pack of RT-AX92U a month or so ago, and used it to set up a wireless-backhaul mesh that covers about 2/3 of my house. (Wires are not an option for the bedroom where we most needed extra coverage.) It's been performing very well and I don't have any complaints. I'd like to add a node...
  13. dnajar

    Asus Aimesh and packet loss

    Hi, I bought an ASUS RT-AC88U and my old router ASUS RT-AC86U and I configured Aimesh. Both routers have official Asus firmware. ASUS RT-AC88U (master) ( ( ASUS RT-AC86U (node) ( ( I've noticed sometimes the node...
  14. uildvek

    Dual-band router with Tri-band node versus vice versa for AiMesh

    Hey all, I'm looking to get another Asus router to extend my wifi range using AiMesh. I current have the AX58U which is a dual-band router. Ideally both the router and the node would have tri-band, but I would like to keep using my existing router. I did some searching and it seems like most...
  15. R

    Dual-band router + Tri-band node in AiMesh wireless backhaul?

    Does anyone have experience in setting up a dual-band router with tri-band AiMesh node over wireless backhaul? I am getting good offers on a AX88U + AX92U combo package. I don't have option for wired backhaul. Is 5GHz-2 used at all as dedicated backhaul in this case or does the node simply...
  16. L

    Need Help to Force clients to 5Ghz w/ AC86U SmartConnect & AIMesh

    I just moved from 2 AC86Us running separately (Top floor & Basement, nothing in middle floor) with same SSIDs, ethernet connected... SmartConnect settings were default and was running fine 80% of the time. The remaining 20% of the time, cams (I have 10) would disconnect and often never...
  17. T

    AX88U - Channel wifi aimesh nodes - DFS/non DFS

    Hello, I am facing a problem that I do not quite understand. I have an AX88U router and an AX92U. The first is configured as the main router and the second as the aimesh node. When I look at the 5ghz wifi channel (which is automatic) it is on 100. When I try to select a channel manually in the...
  18. M

    I need "guest" wifi in other AIMesh nodes....?

    I am not sure how to go about this. My main router I have 2 additional "guest" wifi network. One for people that come over to our house and one for strictly IoT devices. both on different subnet using YazFi I added another AIMesh capable router but I need those two guest network to work as...
  19. 7

    Setting up an Extra AP with Asus's XT8

    Hello, I want to buy Asus's ZenWifi XT8. But before doing that I have a question. I have a Cisco Access Point (Model: AIR-AP1832I-E-K9). Can I set up my 2 Asus units and connect the Cisco AP as a third unit with them?, having them all broadcast the same SSID as a one network and have a good...
  20. toaruScar

    Wrong network topology in AiMesh page, how should I fix it?

    +-------------------------+ +-------------------------+ | | | | | ZenWiFi XT8 | | ZenWiFi XT8 | | in | | in | |...