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New Around Here
Hello. I'm hoping someone with more experience can point me in the right direction here.

Looking for a switch or router [or something] that would do these things:
- Gigabit ports (4 is okay, 8 is ideal)
- Access Control List by MAC address
- Assigning IPs to devices on ACL via DHCP Server

If I can do this through a single device, perfect. If I have to use two well I guess I will deal with that. Basically if someone connects a device to the LAN (laptop, Xbox, PS3, etc.) it will be bounced off the access list and then assigned an IP. Price isn't too huge of a concern but I'd like to spend less than $300 or so.

So far I have attempted to do this with a Linksys RVS4000 and Linksys SRW2008 with no luck. The SRW2008 came pretty close except that it doesn't act as a DHCP server and I don't want to manually assign 150+ IPs.

Thanks for viewing and any help! (Oh and if this is in the wrong place, sorry about that!)
I don't know of any Layer 2 managed or smart switches that have a DHCP server.
Perhaps a Layer3 switch...
That's what I was wondering. Not too many Layer 3 switches are very affordable for what I'm looking to do, either. Thanks for the feedback - I'm going to do some experimenting and see if I can make this work with the two devices I have now.
How is your current setup with the RVS4000 and SRW2008 failing you? (besides being a bit light for 150 PCs).

The RVS should be able to handle the DHCP for that many nodes....
I can't recall if that model allows DHCP reservations...I believe it does.
You most likely only need a few DHCP reservations, right? You're not looking for all ~150 clients to get specific IPs.

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