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Accessing Devices from main network in the guest network on ASUS RT-AX56U

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On my ASUS RT-AX56U I have some devices that connected to a main network and some devices (mainly IOT) connected to my guest wifi. At the quest wifi setting i turned off the intranet access option so this way these devices cant reach my main network. But from the main network i want to access them. How can I achieve that. Maybe via ssh or iptables or any other solution?
You can try Asuswrt-Merlin firmware + YazFi add-on. Use Guest Network 2 when testing.
As indicated by the prior poster if you are willing to use Asus-Merlin you can use YazFi which has some extra features. Among them is custom firewall rules. See the following link for more discussion on using custom scripting to open up traffic from main LAN to YazFi Guest Network clients.

Bear in mind the RMerlin has dropped support for the RT-AX56U so it will not receive any more updates.
Asus dropped support for RT-AX56U as well. At least the V1 version we are talking about. I've never seen V2 version. Region specific perhaps.

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