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Adapter for Co-ax cable tester

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New Around Here
Hi all,

I'm new to MoCa and just planning an install. I live in a 1970s house in the UK. Lot's of old CoAx snaking its way around the house. I seem to have a Co-Ax wall socket in pretty much every room. They all seem to go up to the loft, where 4 of them are plugged into an old 4 port roof aerial amplifier (powered). There are another 3 cables just lying on the floor in the loft not plugged into the amp. What I want to do is find out which of these cables goes back to a Co-Ax wall socket in my garage (yes, I guess the original occupant wanted to watch analogue TV in the garage!). The garage is where my BT master socket and broadband modem/router is. I bought a network cable tester from Amazon which has ethernet plus a Co-Ax sockets on it. It's the kind that splits into 2. The problem I have is that the socket on the tester, which is female, is too tight in circumference to accept a male Co-Ax plug, like the kind that is commonly found on the end of an old Co-Ax cable. I've got a few adapters, and the only one that will fit is a short male to male cable, which seems to have a larger circumference than a regular Co-Ax male, so it fits onto the tester. I only have one of these though and I can't for the life of me identify it to buy another.

I've attached photos of the aerial amp in the roof, the tester main half with its Co-Ax socket, and the tester other half with my wide Co-Ax male short cable attached. Any advice gratefully received.

Once I know which cable is which, i can draw out my intended design.

Thanks all


  • aerial amp.jpg
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  • tester and wide coax adapter.jpg
    tester and wide coax adapter.jpg
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  • tester main .jpg
    tester main .jpg
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Tester appears to be BNC female, I think; so you’d need a BNC male to “whatever” adapter, where “whatever” is the connector type needed for your cabling and or wall sockets.

Or you could check for alternative testers designed for the task.
i seem to recall that coax in the UK for TV service was a different impedance than the US. MOCA is intended to be used on 75 ohm cable. MOCA may or may not work.
as it turns out, the cable from my garage does not appear to get as far as my loft (where the coax distribution is) so i have given up on the Moca idea. I am now going to run cat6 in instead

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