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Solved AiMesh - one other solution to connect AiMesh Node to AiMesh Router

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New Around Here
Dear all.

I solved one additional AiMesh Node connect to AiMesh Router last night.
I wish it helps your experience to connect.

* How i solved : turn off 'jffs' on 'AiMesh Router' -> Connect AiMesh Node -> turn on 'jffs' again.
* Present Devices : GT-AX11000(AiMesh Router), XT8, RT-AX88U & RT-AC88U
* firmware : merlin stock stock stock

GT-AX11000 --- XT8 (because of try-band wireless connectivity, XT8 separately connected on main router)
L__RT-AX88U --- RT-AC88U (because of port extension & just for fun / radio functionality is disabled on two routers)

* Previous Devices : GT-AX11000(AiMesh Router), XT8(AiMesh Node) & RT-AC88U(AiMesh Node)
* firmware : merlin stock merlin

GT-AX11000 --- XT8
L__ RT-AC88U

* Present Devices : GT-AX11000, XT8, RT-AC88U & RT-AX88U
* firmware : merlin stock stock stock

* Problems
1) when search new AiMesh Node, it shows new device (RT-AX88U) / OK
2) when try to connect to AiMesh Router, it seems work at a moment / OK
3) in progress, it looks ok and works fine till 6~8% (RT-AX88U's LES Indicates processing and fine) / OK
4) in short, a half or one min later, it failed / Not OK

* What i guessed
1) it was discoverable
2) it was connectable at a moment
3) progressing was ok till 6~8% (Physically LED was fine and Logically progress was fine too)
4) so i guess possibilities like below
- obstructed by other processing / tasks
- aborted by other processing / tasks
- hang(timeout) by priority of other

* What i tried (failed)
1) https://www.snbforums.com/threads/cannot-add-node-into-aimesh.71392/post-709167 (factory reset -> turn off & on clearly at least two times)
2) firmware
- GT-AX11000 / XT8 / RT-AX88U / RT-AC88U
merlin stock merlin merlin
merlin stock stock stock
stock stock merlin merlin
stock stock stock stock
3) settings i changed
- GT-AX11000 / stock : turn on/off QoS, AiProtection and so on (combined)
- GT-AX11000 / merlin : turn on/off QoS, AiProtection and so on (combined)

* Conclusion
1) priority of add AiMesh Node looks lower than some functionalities.
2) actually, i can not solve this problem clearly, but i recommend turn off functions when 'add AiMesh Node' then turn on.
3) if you can, add entire AiMesh Nodes at 'first installation'.

I hope it helps your connectivity and get better performance on your site.

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