AiMesh trouble with ZenWifi XT8 mesh router

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I have an ZenWifi XT8 router and am connecting two RT-AC68U routers as Aimesh nodes. Both routers are connected through LAN to have a wired backhaul. After moving the RT-AC68Us to their intended locations, one works just fine, but the other does not show up in the Aimesh map. The WAN port shows a lot of activity, but the WiFi lights are off and I do not know the status of the router.

Any idea on how to troubleshoot this issue?


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Are the firmwares up to level as much as possible?
Can you switch one of the RT-AC68U to the other (working) location?


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i have a similar problem - i have 2 XT8 as nodes and a X88U as a Main Router and node. I now wanted to connect my old AC68U into the existing mesh, but wasnt succsessfully. I updated to most recent firmware - tried it with merlin and original asus - did factore resets, but nothing helped. Whenever i am starting to add it to the mesh network (as recommended very close for the first initialization) it is running through, but in the end it is telling me that it could not pair the new node and i should try it again ....very weird.
All nodes and main are working properly and fine (all with ethernet backhaul) but ac68u doesnt want to join.....

any further ideas please ?


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I couldn't get the RT-AC68U to show up unless it was plugged into the XT8 directly. What I did notice was that the WiFi radio lights did not go on at any time and when I checked the configuration, it didn't show any SSID. I removed the node from the mesh network. This will factory reset the RT-AC68U. After that, I added the router again to the Aimesh network. Configuration took a few minutes after which the RT-AC68U was configured as a node properly.

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