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AiMode not existing after firmware upgrade

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Hello, I own an ASUS RT-AX86U router that I've been using in AiMesh mode with an RT-AX86U. Today, I successfully upgraded the AX86U firmware to version 2.386 (Merlin's). However, after the upgrade, I'm unable to locate my AX86U router on the "Network Map" page. The AiMesh Nodes show as 0, but on the firmware page, the node is visible and doesn't require any further updates.

I've attempted to reboot the entire network, but the router remains elusive. I'm uncertain about the next steps to take, and this issue is causing me significant inconvenience. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
post in the ASUS AX subforum if you want to get help with that device. This is for wired only routers.
Or, just ask for the thread to be moved.

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