YazFi Allowing Guest clients access to NGINX reverse Proxy on router


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I have NGINX running as a reverse proxy on the router, passing http (on both 80 and 443) to my Plex and Home Assistant servers. As of right now my guest wifi clients are unable to access these servers with their WAN URL ha.example.com and plex.example.com
Both CNAMES for example.com pointing to routers WAN IP.
I'd like to allow clients to talk to the router on 80 and 443. Below Rule seems to do it. I am wondering if this is too broad and if I can narrow it down more

iptables -I YazFiINPUT -i wl0.2 -p tcp -m multiport --dports 80,443 -j ACCEPT

if I add eth0 as output interface, it does not seem to work as intended.
Is Input chain the correct place for this or does something have to go in forward chain?

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