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Alternative to expensive Checkpoint/Sofaware please.

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I am looking to replace my Checkpoint/ Sofaware wireless adsl (Safe@Office 500W ADSL Wireless ) with an equivalent system - so ADSL modem + Router + Firewall in one box. The reason I need to move away from Checkpoint is their licensing policy; my subscription is up for renewal and with the advent of iPod-Touch and NAS systems I have exceeded my 5 node license. Unfortunately for them the only expansion they will offer me is from 5 licenses to 25 (nearly $1000 with the the WEB filtering / AV /etc). Now even though I am over 5 nodes there is no way I am even approaching needing a 25 node license.They refuse to negotiate a 10 or even 15 node license so I am going to move - ah if only "marketing" knew what they were doing :-(

Anyway the main attractions were a) I loved the fact that everything was in one box b) the WEB URL filtering was linked to an independent list somewhere on the WEB and set by category (I didn't have to go searching every site my kids went to in order to check it)

So what do people think?
Unfortunately, all the web filtering / parental control solutions we have seen so far have holes and I can't recommend them. That said, we have not looked at these recently and will probably do so in the near future.

You might look at the Yoggie products. We reviewed the Gatekeeper Pro 2 years ago and it has probably improved.

But you might also want to look at an open source routers like pfSense and ipCop. They have web filtering packages you can add. I'm sure yeoldestonecat will chime in here.
Checkpoint Licensing

I just ran into this when I added an additional switch to the 500 I use for the house. I purchased this based on recommendations for ease of use and VPN management. I don't use the firewalls or the other managed portions of the router, just ties wireless and LAN together and internet access.

Pretty disappointing when Checkpoint says $360 for 25 or $760 for unlimited.

Anyone have any good recommendations? I have had really bad luck with the Linksys WVG-54 (think this was the one) Combo Wireless and VPN router. Event he Linksys tech folks said it never worked well.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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